It's a Fragmented World

There are over 18,000 different mobile devices currently in the market. With this many different devices come a lot of different screen sizes. How an app behaves on one device may be completely different than how it behaves on another.You have to support all of these different screens, causing a lot of extra work. On top of the massive amount of different devices, both Google and Apple constantly update their operating systems. There are 6 iOS and 8 OS versions currently in use. In these OS updates, a lot can change on a device. These updates can provide you with new features to take advantage of but it can also get rid of features that your app is reliant on.


Break Through The Clutter

We can cut through the clutter and identify the platforms, devices, operating systems and app versions that your users are using your app from. By knowing these usage statistics, it saves your developers time and money by allowing you to support only the platforms you need to.

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