Is Your App Eating Too Many Resources?

App users are becoming more and more sensitive to their devices battery performance and have sited ‘consuming too much battery’ as a reason to delete an app. Apps that use too many resources like your battery, memory or processors can feel the wrath of this new trend swiftly. Ideally, your app wouldn’t consume too many system resources on your users devices, but sadly that is not the case. There are plenty of apps out there that run device batteries dry, and most of the time the developers don’t even know it.


We'll Help Put Your App On a Diet

Session Diagnostics helps you track how many resources your app is using up. You can track resources like battery usage, memory usage and processor usage all in one dashboard. You can track resource usage along with in app activity to identify what parts of your app are incurring the heaviest usage marks. Being aware of your apps usage metrics can help you improve your apps performance and avoid user deletion.

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