General Information provides companies with clear insights about their users and products by combining analytics, engagement and performance metrics. At, protecting the data we are trusted with is of the utmost importance to us. We’ve combined industry-standard security practices and technology to protect our systems and customers.

Platform Overview collects analytics data through iOS, Android and web software development kits (SDKs) customers install in their applications. These SDKs include the ability for customers to configure what data is collected and transmitted to

Platform Security

Customers access data through our web platform after providing proper authentication credentials. We continuously monitor and assess our platform with automated application monitoring and vulnerability scanning tools.

Data Security

All data transmitted to is encrypted and transferred via HTTPS. Data stored in is encrypted at rest and only available through’s REST API with proper authentication. Production data is frequently backed up and stored in geographically separate locations across the United States.

Infrastructure Security is protected by 256-bit SSL security. Our infrastructure is housed in Amazon Web Services (AWS), who provides high levels of physical and network security. AWS maintains an audited security program, including SOC-2 and ISO27001 compliance.