You're Losing Users

There are over 5 million apps downloaded everyday. After 3 days over 76% of those users will never touch those apps again. Many of the users who uninstall apps cite issues like poor UI/UX, annoying/constant messaging and freezing or crashing of an app as their main reason for uninstallation. An app with poor retention is like having a leaky bucket, even if you pour more water (or users) in, they’ll still all leak out eventually.


Keep The Users You've Worked So Hard to Aquire

Our platform helps you find those leaks in your bucket. We can help you identify users who aren’t returning to your app, analyze trends within these cohorts and help discover why they dropped off. Additionally, our engagement tool helps to re-engage your dormant users by sending out push, email or sms notifications after a certain period of inactivity.

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