Mobile App Analytics and User Data in HubSpot

This integration requires both HubSpot and

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How does it work?

App developers insert our software development kit (SDK) into their app and add a little bit of code. Afterwards, your mobile app begins sending data to Our software interprets the data and stores it in our platform. If you link your account with HubSpot, will automatically send data to your HubSpot portal. We've added to some apps in less than an hour.

Timeline Events

Once a user has been linked with HubSpot, you'll be able to view their activity within the HubSpot Timeline. Timeline events include app launches, app events, screen views, conversions and crashes. You even can customize which activities appear within your timeline.


Enroll app users into workflows based their contact properties or timeline events. Example enrollment criteria could include launching the app a certain number of times, viewing a particular screen, triggering an event or converting on a specific goal.


You can also create custom lists and segment your app users based on timeline events or contact properties. Some different lists you could create include lists of high value users, low activity users or users experience crashes.

Triggers and Workflows includes customizable criteria to trigger custom actions. Triggering criteria include screen views, session length, event, conversion goals or crashes. Actions can include sending emails or text messages, webhooks or enrolling a user into a defined HubSpot workflow.

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