The agency world is very fast paced and managing deadlines and client expectations can be demanding. Clients want to see reports on the performance of their app to make sure it's working how they want it to, and to help them make decisions later down the road. And for development agencies, their duties don’t stop after they develop their product. Performing updates and maintenance on an app can be stressful especially if they don’t have any information about what is causing issues in their product. Balancing all of these responsibilities for a client can be difficult and can require a lot of time and resources that an agency might not have.



Our platform provides a consistent basis to start all new app projects. This consistency ensures that agencies won't have to re-write the same features constantly and can help them develop their products faster and launch their customers apps sooner. With our in depth analytics and customizable report building platform, tracking the performance and health of their products is easy and timely. Finally, with our real-time analytics we help agencies track bugs and crashes so that diagnosing and fixing issues can be done quickly and efficiently.

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