Greater Insight between apps and performance

Measure your mobile app performance in one place. Close the loop by linking experience, performance and data through your dashboard or CRM. Desktop Screenshot

Mobile App Analytics is a mobile app analytics tool and marketing platform that provides app statistics, metrics, tracking and monitoring capabilities. provides the foundation to build a decision supporting tool, that will help leaders know the performance of their mobile apps, but more importantly, understand the data behind users behavior. Get started today with a free trial.

App Conversion Tracking

Define your goals and business objectives to find the number of users who completed these conversions.

Track App Downloads

Although there are many factors that go into an app’s performance, the number of downloads is a good place to start.

App Event Reporting

Analyze user behavior and optimize your app by tracking events and use your insights to evaluate your strategy.

Greater insight between apps and performance

Greater decisions demand greater data. provides comprehensive reporting and measurement, allowing you to look at the big picture or zoom in to the individual user.

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Analytics dashboard

Analytics Dashboard

The app analytics dashboard is comprised of the most important information needed to evaluate the health of your mobile app. Whether you're looking to track installations, active users or top events, get the answers you need quick. Quickly export and email reports to keep your team updated easily. and Your Favorite Tools...Better Together

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