Greater Insight between apps and performance

Measure your mobile app performance in one place. Close the loop by linking metrics, experience and performance to make data-driven decisions.

Real-time data with your next app update

Easy setup and SDK installation. Simply download, recompile, and release your new app update.


Download the SDK

Directly download our SDK or use Maven, Cocoa Pods or NPM to manage your dependencies.


Add the SDK to Your App

We support iOS and Android apps built in Objective C, Swift, Java, Xamarin and Cordova/Phonegap.


Release a New App Update

Start seeing real-time analytics and user data as your users start downloading your update.

Want to get more value from your app users?

See how analytics can help you deliver better apps and keep users engaged.

App Analytics

The app analytics dashboard is comprised of the most important information needed to evaluate the performance of your mobile app. Whether you're looking to track installations, active users or top events, get the answers you need quick. Quickly export and email reports to keep your team updated easily.

Analytics dashboard
Analytics dashboard

App Crash Reports

Crash reporting delivers important performance insights about your apps health. View all of your app's crashes distributed by manufacturer, model, carrier, connection type, OS and app version. Dig into even deeper details, such as your apps crash rate and the number of impacted users. Send automated emails or text alerts to your team when crashes occur.

Find and connect your favorite apps with

Close the loop by linking experience, performance and data through your favorite tools. We've done all the hard work of connecting to third party APIs for you. With your user activity and metrics can be automatically sent to HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot and more where you can measure your mobile app performance in one place.


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